Earn by mining Bitcoin [BTC] CPU

Do Bitcoin [BTC] Mining and Earn

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How will you earn with bitcoin mining?

  1. Start earning on the CryptoTab Start Browser by clicking this link. www.cryptotabbrowser.com  (Google Chrome Browser kullanmanızı tavsiye ediyoruz.)

    Important Note: On which device you want to do this, set the Display and Sleep Mode as Never in Plan Settings under power settings.

  2. On the page that opens, the Notification Screen opens. Click the Block icon to close the notification screen and continue.

  3. "Install the CryptoTab browser®️ and take advantage of increased mining speed combined with the familiar interface and functionality of Chrome." Click the DOWNLOAD button under the text.

  4. Click the ACCEPT and INSTALL button to start the browser installation process. In the meantime, you will see the downloaded file in the lower left corner.

  5. Click on the downloaded file in the lower left corner and click the RUN icon in the popup screen.

  6. The Windows Security screen will open, continue by saying YES there.

  7. The upload has begun .... In a very short period of time "Upload process has been completed." When the message screen opens, click the Close button.

  8. Right after that, the cryptotab browser icon will flash on the start bar. Click on the icon "Welcome to Crypto Tab!" message will come.

  9. Skip the presentation by pressing the Next button 4 times. In the fifth, the "Set Default Browser" button will appear and switch to the SKIP icon. When you get the "Sign in to CryptoTab Browser" message, press the SIGN IN button.

  10. Log in using your gmail mail on the screen that opens. After entering your username and password, a popup will open in a new tab. Turn on sync? Click the Cancel button to pass the question.
  11. New to Crypto Tab? Click the HIDE icon on the popup screen. Then a popup will open in the lower left corner and close it by clicking the HIDE icon in the same way. Turn off other pop-ups as well.

  12. You are now ready to make a profit from Bitcoin Mining ..... But first you need to see your e-mail address in the Account tab by clicking the Menu icon in the upper right corner. If you cannot see it, check your e-mail address and click the confirmation link in your email. Then, when you check the Account tab again, you will see your e-mail address.

  13. Come on, start earning ..... Finally, click the MAX icon under MINING SPEED on the Top Left to start your mining.

    Let Bitcoins come.......

How to Withdraw Bitcoin earnings?

  1. You will see the Withdraw icon on all pages. As you guessed, it helps you to withdraw your earnings to another account.

  2. Minimum shooting limits are constantly variable. When you press the Withdraw icon, you will see your minimum withdrawal limit.

  3. Press the Withdraw icon after checking your wallet address at least twice while shooting. If you enter the wrong wallet address, your savings will be lost.

Bitcoin [BTC]

Bitcoin [BTC]