Earn Free Bitcoin and receive daily interest...

Earn Free Bitcoin and Interest.

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How To Earn Bitcoin?

  1. Start earning Bitcoin by clicking this link www.freebitco.in

  2. If LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT appears on the screen that opens, since you will be a new user, click the SING UP (Register) icon from the menu. Enter your e-mail Adresss and Password information on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT screen that opens. Here, we recommend that your important detail e-mail address be gmail. SIGN UP by entering the security captcha that appears on the screen! Click the button to complete your registration.

  3. You have registered on the Freebitco.in site. The decision for the popup is yours. You will see it as 0.00000000 BTC in the upper right corner.

  4. After that, by looking at the mail address you provided within 15 minutes, click the e-mail confirmation button on the mail from freebitco.in. By clicking the confirm button in the popup screen that opens, you will activate your account.

  5. You are now ready... Go to the freebitco.in page and tick the check box I'm not a robot. Hit the ROLL icon and get your first bitcoin (BTC) winnings. Afterwards, increase your earnings by pressing the ROLL icon every 60 minutes.

    Important note: If you do not do this email confirmation, you cannot withdraw your earnings.

  6. Press the LOTTERY icon from the menu to follow the lotto draw every week at 21:00 on Sunday evening. The more ROLL icons you hit, day and week, the more lotto coupons you will have the chance to add to your winnings. You will also see the number of coupons you have earned during the week on this tab. You can be one of the 10 winners, if you have already won, you will see your own ID number on this tab. You will see your earnings reflected in your account in the upper right corner.

    You don't need to do anything extra ......... All you have to do is press the ROLL icon every hour.

How will you withdraw your Bitcoin earnings?

  1. You will see the Withdraw icon on all pages. As you guessed, it helps you to withdraw your earnings to another account.

  2. Minimum shooting limits are constantly variable. When you press the Withdraw icon, you will see your minimum withdrawal limit.

  3. Press the Withdraw icon after checking your wallet address at least twice while shooting. If you enter the wrong wallet address, your savings will be lost.

Bitcoin [BTC]

Bitcoin [BTC]