Free PancakeSwap [CAKE] Earn

Free PancakeSwap [CAKE] Earn

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PancakeSwap (CAKE)
7,45 USD (-1,45%)


$2,19 B USD

$178,74 M USD

How To Earn PancakeSwap [CAKE]?

  1. Start earning PancakeSwap [CAKE] by clicking this link

  2. The notification message opens on the page that opens. Click the Block icon to close the notification screen and continue.

  3. Click the Register link in the top menu, fill in the Email Adress, Password and Confirm Password fields, press the REGISTER icon below and complete your membership. (We recommend that your email address be gmail if possible.)

  4. You are almost ready to win now... Clicking the HERE link at the end of this article "Please confirm your email address by clicking the link we sent to your email account. If you haven't recieved an email please click HERE" You will have requested a confirmation mail. If you have done this correctly, the article you clicked should disappear..

  5. You are now ready... Finally, you have to check your e-mail address and find the e-mail from the page you registered, click the Email Confirmation text, and then click the ROLL icon on your opened web page and start earning your first earnings.

    Önemli Not: If you do not make this email confirmation, you cannot withdraw your earnings.

  6. Now your earnings are in your pocket every 60 minutes.

  7. In addition, if you follow our Instagram and Facebook pages, a promotion code is published on certain days. When you paste the code in the promotion code field with these published codes and press the GO icon, Thank you! message appears, and then you can click the Free Steam link in the top menu and press the ROLL icon again.

How To Increase Your PancakeSwap [CAKE] Earnings?

  1. Click the Referral Program link in the top menu. Email your YOUR REFERRAL URL to your friends. Benefit from the 50% off the price gift of the company because it also makes a profit and it earns you. The more members you acquire, the more clicks on the members you have acquired, the more your earnings will increase.
    Attention: If you have not done the above email confirmation process, your earnings and the approval of your new members will still not be realized.

  2. By clicking on the FREE ROLLS link under the promotional code field every day, you can watch the advertisements in it and earn another spin right. Under FREE ROLLS, if you have time to press all of them from Link # 1 to Link # 7, you can increase your earnings by earning an extra 7 ROLLS.

    We recommend that you teach these earnings with your approved references under you. If you wish, you can get rid of this teaching job by directing to our page.

How will you withdraw PancakeSwap [CAKE] earnings?

  1. You will see the Withdraw icon on all pages. As you guessed, it helps you withdraw your earnings to another account.

  2. Minimum shooting limits are constantly variable. When you press the Withdraw icon, you will see your minimum withdrawal limit.

  3. Press the Withdraw icon after checking your wallet address at least twice while shooting. If you enter the wrong wallet address, your savings will be lost.

PancakeSwap [CAKE]

PancakeSwap [CAKE]