Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? It still remains a mystery!

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? It still remains a mystery!


Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are also a world of mysteries. Mysteries about what money is, how the world money system works, and the money games of the financial elite. And of course, at the top of these mysteries, there is the most interesting secret: Who is the person or people who developed the Bitcoin software, nicknamed Satoshi Nakamoto ?

So far, many Satoshi candidates have emerged. Some of them said I am Satoshi, while others never admitted to being Satoshi. The true Satosh's identity is still hidden.

I think it is better to let Satoshi Nakamoto remain anonymous. It is not known who first separated the gold and used it as a mine. In fact, no one or organization admits that Bitcoin made a significant contribution to the success of the project. Therefore, personal or social factors such as political opinions, race or religious beliefs will not affect the relationship established with Bitcoin. Thus, Bitcoin can spread faster.

However, the issue of identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still a very interesting issue, especially for a journalist. So far, six strong Satoshi candidates have been discussed in the world public opinion:

  1. Nick Szabo (Conservative Satoshi)
  2. Hal Finney (Scientist Satoshi)
  3. Adam Back (Maximalist Satoshi)
  4. Craig Wright (Fake Satoshi)
  5. Paul Le Roux (Mafia Satoshi)
  6. Dorian Nakamoto (Childish Satoshi)

From the very beginning, the strongest candidate for me was the Japanese-born American physicist and systems engineer Satoshi Nakamoto (Dorian Nakamoto ), the "child friendly man".

"Newsweek Magazine" announced the discovery of Satoshi Nakamoto in March 2014, with the news signed by Leah McGrath Goodman. "Newsweek Magazine" once suggested that Dorian Nakamoto is Satoshi Nakamoto . He was holding the surname. He was actually keeping it in name. Dorian changed his name from Satoshi at birth to Dorian Prentice - Satoshi Nakamoto in 1973! After this date, Dorian used the name Nakamoto instead of Satoshi Nakamoto .

Dorian, who has a liberal view, also has the motivation to write Bitcoin. He had to retire and suffered great financial difficulties. His home was confiscated in the 1990s when he could not pay the loan. His attitude towards banks dates back to those years. His financial situation especially worsened during the 2008 crisis. Bitcoin was born precisely during the 2008 crisis, against elite and unlimited coinage practices.

Award-winning journalist Leah McGrath Goodman decided to go to Dorian's house. Dorian saw McGrath Goodman at the door and answered the first question about Bitcoin: "I'm no longer interested in it. The work has been passed on to others." He later said that he did not understand that the problem was with Bitcoin, he thought he was asking another question and his words were also distorted. He claimed he was definitely not Satoshi Nakamoto . Dorian Nakamoto, who collects model trains before bothering him, is a complete 'Childlike Satoshi'.

So why in my opinion Dorian is the most powerful Satoshi Nakamoto candidate?

The first address, server, etc. used to set up Bitcoin. It is always rented from Japan. Dorian was born in Japan. He later immigrated to the United States with his mother when he was young. Satoshi disappeared the day Hal Finney died. To emails etc. He did not answer. Interestingly, when Dorian was mentioned instead of other Satoshi Nakamoto candidates, he suddenly came back and said: "I'm not Dorian." Isn't this a pure defense strategy?

I think Dorian is the strongest Satoshi Nakamoto candidate, but I don't think he worked alone. Maybe he got some serious support from Hal Finney. It could also be an intelligence agency and unwittingly guided the Dorians in ancient times. Not just the famous CIA, Mossad, etc. PSIA. Have you ever heard? Contrary to popular belief, the most successful intelligence operations are performed by unknown organizations rather than known organizations.

Especially the Japanese, known for their honor in the war, suffered a disastrous defeat against the USA in the Second World War. They saw two atom bombs. Do not think that this situation is easy to accept. The Japanese will never be proud of failure. They know that the strength of the United States today is based on the dollar, the global reserve currency. The unlimited dollar pressure policy implemented by the United States indirectly makes Japan the country with the highest debt in the world. Yes, you read that right. Following the Federal Reserve (FED), the Bank of Japan and the Bank of Japan had to print unlimited money, causing the ratio of the country's debt to the country's annual output to rise to 237%. Even in Greece, which you say died today, the rate reached 177%.

The Japanese can no longer win the gun war they lost in the Pacific a few years ago. But financially, they can do many things. America's biggest weapon is the unlimited dollar discount. They can solve this problem by producing a limited number of new currencies. But they cannot do this publicly. So why not lead a person with a childish personality but obsessed with privacy?

Two countries in the world today handle the most Bitcoin: Switzerland has always been a pioneer in financial innovation, and another coincidence is Japan. With all these factors in mind, a person of pure personality from the Japanese Intelligence Agency PSIA or similar organizations can instruct Dorian and his friends to develop assets like Bitcoin.

Also, new news coming this week reinforces my view of Dorian: Reporter Leah McGrath Goodman, who made Dorian famous, attended the podcast of Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony Pompliano and announced that she had learned about Satoshi's identity.

McGrath Goodman stated that he wanted to follow Satoshi Nakamoto : "It is not right to talk about these right now because I respect the privacy requirements of the people who give me information." said.

McGrath Goodman (McGrath Goodman) declined to comment on the new news, but still provided two key pieces of information.

First, according to McGrath Goodman, "Dorian certainly knew he was asking himself about Bitcoin." McGrath Goodman spoke on the subject:

We've been talking by email for a few weeks. I even sent him a letter with a bitcart given by Gavin Andersen. Therefore, he knew what the issue was during the interview. What disappointed me most was that he later said he didn't know what we were talking about. He knows exactly what we're talking about. We had an e-mail chat for a few weeks before visiting his home. "

The second very important point is a faulty file created while Bitcoin was in the testing stages. According to McGrath Goodman, this file supports the Dorian theory:

" Before Bitcoin came out, Hal Finney was still in its trial phase, and there was a bad file on it. At one point Satoshi had sent a message to Hal Finney saying, "Send the data to me, maybe I can find out where the error is." While Hal should have posted the file privately, he did so via a forum that was publicly visible. The resulting IP address took us to the neighborhood where Dorian lived in Los Angeles. "

The circle is narrowing, arrows point to a point. But I think Satoshi Nakamoto should still remain anonymous ...

Kaynak: https://www.btchaber.com/dorian-gorusum-kuvvetlendi/

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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? It still remains a mystery!


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